Hi, I'm Dani.

Born and raised in the boonies of central Massachusetts, my creative nature was encouraged by Thornton Burgess, Bob Ross, and many more. You’ll find that most of my photographs backdrops are that of nature. 

I love to laugh and often find the humor in the direst situation.  Sarcasm runs rampant within me and I love to make people laugh. Not only does it make my soul dance, it makes for some pretty beautiful photos; you can’t fake joy.

I don’t have a particular style of photography, each session is truly unique.  You’ll find a few different styles, tones, and overall feel within my portfolio.

My services range from wedding to bird photography.  You name it, I’ll probably want to shoot it.  A "interview" is strongly reccomended for wedding services. I want to ensure that we are a good fit before I capture your life long memories, and I’m going to assume you feel the same!